I can do graphic design layout/banners/posters/logo/invitations for your business

Works for straight hours, just contact me.

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What you'll be getting

Graphic Designs:
•Layout ;Tarpaulin layout
•T-shirt layout design
•Merchandise design (mugs,cups, eco bag, caps etc.)
•Birthday Banners
•Calling Cards
•Invitations and the like, etc.
•Powerpoint Presentation designs.
High quality files and softcopies with editable files.
(.png ;.jpeg; .psd .ppt. ;.word ;.pdf)
You can request similar works too :)

More info

How may i help you? :D

•Upon job order confirmation, I will work on the concept within two (2) days (depends on the complexity of the order).

•The product will be delivered as soon as your requests are provided.

•Provide your detailed description about the output.

•I will send initial drafts of the design and adjust according to buyer's preferences.

•I can do up to three revisions but any additional would require additional payment. Saved on any file formats and on any quality of the order.

•I am open for any design suggestions from client, specially the designs what you preferred or liked the most (specific or not), notwithstanding technicality with the deliverables.

I'm looking forward to work on your request.
Thank you very much!

***Below are my rates and they're negotiable too!

• Package A • Php600
T-shirt, Clothing design etc.
with (.psd) Editable File
• Php850 for T-shirt mock up designs

• Package B • Php300
Calling card
with (.psd) Editable File

• Package C • Php700
Poster, Flyer, etc.
with (.psd) Editable File

• Package D • Php400 + Php250 for mock up design
Merchandise design (mugs,badges, ecobag, caps etc.)
with (.psd) Editable File

• Package E • Php500
Logo with Name
with (.psd) Editable File

*Rates varies upon design request's complexity*

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Proficiency : Adobe Photoshop Autodesk AutoCad SketchUp
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Customer Feedback
Can easily follow instruction and work is clean cut. jesus_g can also adjust given feedback and direction. Thank you for your work.
Fast and creative.
created 8 months ago in design, video & audio
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