I can do graphics, tarpaulins, poster, brochures, logo, shirt, invitation designs

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Most of the graphics shown are made wiithin a couple of minutes or a few hours /just to set expectations :)

*Punctual, High attention to details, resourcefulness is practised and works independently with minimal supervision.

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Note: Some designs are based on J.K. Rowling's work and there's an image used from League of Legends. Will not sell/ will only provide original output for commercial use.


I've been with the outsourcing industry for four years now. I started as a Customer Service Representative for a telecommunications account in the US for 3 months, where we assisted customers with their queries with their plan inclusions, upgrades, technical issues either hardware or software to troubleshoot.

Worked with a Global Shopping Platform for 7 months as an Email Support to help customers communicate with merchants about their products, track deliveries and process refund requests accordingly.

Now, I'm with a food delivery campaign and I currently handle escalations in a delivery service campaign through 4 LOBS (Chat, Email, Voice, Corporate) from UK, SG, UAE, ITY, FR, HK, AU for almost two years. Prior to that, I had a year and a half experience in their front line customer service.

Data entry was included in the outsourcing business so I believe my knowledge would help and learning more in the process would be great.

I've passed the National Certification Level III for Visual Graphics Designing but I only use Photoshop for the meantime.

Looking forward to be a part of your team and work with you!

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I've been with the outsourcing industry for four years now. I started as a Customer Service...
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He provide me a good design that is fitted on my website. Thanks a lot!
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