I can do male/female voice over/audiobook/podcast of up to 200 words.

do voice over, podcast and audiobook.

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I will deliver the MP3 file/s of your project. Rest assured that the audio is clean, noise-free and loud.You may request for a specific accent, speed, volume and language (your own script if non-English).

More info

I will create voice over, audiobook, or podcasts (no noise, w/o or w/ free licensed background music of different genre, in different voices of male or female so your website will not be boring) to be delivered to you in 1 day. How many and what niche? I can make a lot of audio (non-plagiarized) for you. I could even give you a simple video as a bonus if you want. Could you tell me your niche/niches? Or are you gonna provide your own content?

I am new here at 199Jobs. I am in the stage of building up my credibility and client relationships. I'll prioritize your project once you tell me how many (and I'll add more as I can for additional fee) and what niche (so I could provide niche-related content for you) or send me your content if you want.

You could send me a piece of content you want me to do a sample with. You may suggest your preferred volume and speed of the voice beforehand. You can request for both male and female voices for additional fee.

Hoping to work with you.

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