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I can give you the best video editing, balanced sounds, right transitions, fitting effects in 2 to 7 days.

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PROMO: 1st-time buyers can try P199 for a short 5-minute video/IGTV/15-sec Instagram story, quick edit (fix sounds and transitions), in 720p. [valid until this text is removed]

Here's the process for normal 1-week video production:
β€’ Day 0
We talked about how this video will work. Then, I start searching for the right resources.
Then you bought this job, followed my instructions, uploaded the raw files (sounds, videos, pictures)
β€’ Day 1-2
Rough video editing, mashing the sounds together, slap the right transitions here and there, fixing the green screens. Of course, this is just a rough draft, not a final work.
β€’ Day 3-5
The polishing begins. Like making those floors shiny with coconut musk. Loud background music and low speaking voice? Let's fix that. The color grade of the video too wrong? Let's level that. This is when we do more talking and doing at the same time, I can't just rely on my ideas that won't match yours.
β€’ Day 6-7
The day of rendering for long hours to give you that 4K video, funny. It depends on you, this could be faster if we choose a lower quality, but expect lower attraction, nobody reads blurred texts anymore! Depending on my internet connection, it could take a lot longer to upload than rendering the video itself!

π—œπ—» π—Όπ˜π—΅π—²π—Ώ π˜„π—Όπ—Ώπ—±π˜€,
Discussion with buyer ⇨ Plan ⇨ Rough Draft ⇨ Polishing ⇨ Rendering ⇨ Finalization ⇨ Send to buyer, and finished!

Should there be errors in your part, let's fix that.

P199 for a short 5-minute video, quick edit (fix sounds and transitions). It can be finished in 3 days and less.

What you get from Full Effort/Express production (for regular clients):
β€’ Full landscape video in 720p or 1080p
β€’ optional IGTV / Instagram story format (portrait)
β€’ optional Short sneak peek video (in video form or Instagram story form)

I use Sony Vegas and Davinci Resolve. For After Effects, I'm getting used to it.

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