I can edit ebook covers and posters

Enticing to make the audience read your book or admire your poster.

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In any file format, a well-designed cover or poster. For drawing the background or elements, I primarily use Canva Pro or Autodesk Sketchbook as editing programs. An Ebook cover that entices people to read your book and a poster that compels people to look at it.

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When people buy books, the first thing they see is the cover. The cover of your book is what attracts someone to read it. Even if the story is outstanding, if the cover is tacky and poorly designed, it will not meet the marketing standard. The same is true with posters. People may not comprehend what you're aiming to promote if the relevant content is not emphasized properly. People are constantly drawn to beauty, hence visuals are vital in creating posters.

I've designed book covers, blurbs, and posters for academic purposes before. I can provide you a link to the designs I've created on Google Drive. In addition, I am skilled in graphic design and have a keen aesthetic sense. My art style can also be adjusted to meet your preferences.

I will also be sending you a draft of the design before finalizing the cover page or poster should there be any revisions. Minimal revisions are also free!

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