I can do graphics, tarpaulins, poster, brochures, logo, shirt, invitation designs

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Most of the graphics shown are made wiithin a couple of minutes or a few hours /just to set expectations :)

*Punctual, High attention to details, resourcefulness is practised and works independently with minimal supervision.

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Note: Some designs are based on J.K. Rowling's work and there's an image used from League of Legends. Will not sell/ will only provide original output for commercial use.


I've been with the outsourcing industry for almost two years now.

I started as a Customer Service Representative for a telecommunications account in the US, MetroPCS, where we assist customers with their queries with their plan inclusions, upgrades, technical issues either hardware or software to troubleshoot.

Worked with Wish Global Shopping Platform as an Email Support to help customers communicate with merchants about their products, track deliveries and process refund requests accordingly.

Currently, I'm a Multi-skilled Customer Service Representative for Deliveroo APAC after I transferred from their department in the UK. We were trained to do emails with Zendesk, chat with two people at the same time and answer inbound and do outbound calls. The campaign is divided into three lines of businesses, customers, riders and restaurants. We'll then be flexed to the queue with the most volume of calls/chats. There are times when you have to do all of it simultaneously. Mastering the internal process of these three was really worth it.

Data-entry was included in the outsourcing business so I believe my knowledge would help and learning more in the process would be great.

I'm also passionate about writing articles that are not only informative, but, also are entertaining. I was a feature writer in our campus journalism when I was in high school. I can use photoshop as well so I've been an assistant with our layout artist.

I've passed the National Certification Level III for Visual Graphics Designing but I only use Photoshop in the meantime.

Looking forward to be a part of your team and work with you!

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I've been with the outsourcing industry for almost two years now. I started as a Customer Service...
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He provide me a good design that is fitted on my website. Thanks a lot!
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