I can graphic design services (logos, thumbnails, ppt, ads, more!)

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What you'll be getting

what can i offer?
- poster
- product advertisements/promotional posts
- photo enhancements (filter adjustments, more)
- business logos/labels
- brochures
- powerpoint presentations
- youtube thumbnails
- facebook headers
- online posts
- invitations
- infographics

More info

what can you get from this offer?
- high quality and original designs
- add ons: mock up, major revisions, delivering within 24 hrs or before the estimated deadline,
- modern and up to date aesthetically pleasing designs
- unlimited MINIMAL revisions for free but MAJOR revision require additional payment.
- client will get 4 files including 2 logo concepts, each has one transparent png and jpg file format

what do i need from the buyer to start the job?
- precise instructions including due date or deadline
- click the add ons and order now
- pre existing designs for inspiration
- expectations and preferred styles or specific preferences the client wants me to make.

what else do u need to know?
- SAMPLE LOGO CONCEPTS are on the pdf file i attached here.
- my art styles is not limited to what i posted on the pdf. i am very flexible with different kinds of styles/aesthetics (minimalistic, vintage, retro, y2k, pastel, indie, more!)
- my working hours depend on the availability of my personal schedule. i am most free during fridays and weekends. but i am SO willing to make time for you during weekdays
- revisions and delivery within 24 hrs or before the deadline include additional payment. just click on the add ons and 'order now'
- i will only start working on the job if you click the 'order now' button.

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