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I make sure that I give my clients the best quality work or else I won't stop perfecting it. This is, particularly about customisation. Once a client gives me specific instructions or the certain quality of the work they'd like me to do, I'm a meticulous one who will find the exact taste of the client and incorporate it to the work. And oh, I was a student journalist from 2012 until now. I can do writing too. Leave it to me, sir/ma'am.

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My services will give a lot of benefits to my clients. First, they will not have to worry about late works. It will be given to them prior the deadline (or rarely on the deadline itself). They can request some specifications on the work they'd like me to do so that there will be less dissatisfaction in the customer's part and they'd be satisfied with the product I gave for their own business/personal benefit. Personally, I am into customised works because it's a give and take process between me and my client. He/she will be able to get the product with full-medium satisfaction (because of the customisation) and I will be able to sharpen my skills in making graphics works and increase its the accuracy of the client's request. It's a great deal for both of us.

I'll need the client's utmost patience (if it's a writing service I'll have to offer) and his/her precision in giving the graphics work's customisation (unless he/she asks me to do it my own way). That's all they need. And the pay, too, of course. The pay will depend on the difficulty and the amount of effort exerted in making the product. No fixed rates at all.

I can do all kinds of writing, actually, because of my background as a student journalist since 2012 and I competed in a lot of writing contests with different categories, and I often won in those contests. My fortes are feature writing (content writing for blogs or advertisements) and editorial writing (commentaries and critics' surveys). However, I cannot say that I am fond of technical writing. I know how to do it but I opt not to do it because of my lack of expertise in that field. In graphic designing, I can almost do all of the works but I do not like offer making illustrations (but for vector arts, I can. Original illustrations, I'll pass on that one) in AI. I'm still on the process of mastering it before I include it here in my services.

I hope you read this before availing my services!

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As a graphic designer for years here in the Philippines, I make sure that I give my clients...
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