I can make invitations, brochures, posters, logo designs and etc. for you!

Accurately doing your request in a flash

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What you'll be getting

Softcopy and Project File (.psd) of the ff. depending on the order:
1. Posters/Flyers
2. Brochures
3. Invitations
4. Logos
5. Customized shirt designs
6. Ebook covers
7. Make a moving poster (.gif file)

More info

To see my other works, go to this link: http://ruffaacbang.portfoliobox.net/

For photo editing, go to my other job: https://199jobs.com/jobs/design-graphics-video-audio/edit-your-photos-digital-restoration-photo-enhancing-etc/

• 2-3 working days. I can also finish the work in less than a day depending on the buyer's request.
• Detailed description of what outcome you want is needed
• Size of the final output should be mentioned when ordering
• Revisions are free but will most likely be able to finish from hours to 3 days. I will also ask for opinions regularly to make the editing process faster and easier

I will try to finish it as fast and accurate as possible. If you are not satisfied with the outcome please accurately say which parts I should change if for example, only one part needs to be changed

Info of ADD-ONS:
• I can create 2 additional designs/orders - This means I can make 2 extra designs to your liking. It includes designs such as t-shirt design, logo design, poster design, etc.
• I can make a moving poster - This means I can add moving graphics & designs to your poster. Please note that you can only use the moving poster for your website, or any anywhere online when you upload it.

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Ruffa provided me an exceptional job! She did it with high quality and delivered it much earlier than the posted lead time. She is really a talented artist. I will definitely going to work with her again and recommending for such same task/job. Keep it up!
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