I can make invitations, brochures, posters, logo designs and etc. for you!

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What you'll be getting

Softcopy and Project File (.psd) of the ff. depending on the order:
1. Posters/Flyers
2. Brochures
3. Invitations
4. Infographics
5. Customized shirt designs (comes with additional price depending on how many designs, nut if only one then same price)

Other services offered but with additional price:
1. Logo
2. Calendars
3. Book/Photobook/Coffeebook
4. Tarpaulins
5. E-book covers
6. Yearbook/Souvenir Program
7. Make a moving poster (.gif file)
8. Quality Powerpoint presentation

More info

To see my other works, go to this link: http://ruffaacbang.portfoliobox.net/

For photo editing, go to my other job: https://199jobs.com/jobs/design-graphics-video-audio/edit-your-photos-digital-restoration-photo-enhancing-etc/

• Approximately 1-3 working days but sometimes it depends especially if I am asked to take on bigger projects. I can also finish the work in less than a day depending on the buyer's request.
• Detailed description of what outcome you want is needed
• Size of the final output should be mentioned when ordering
• Revisions are free but will most likely be able to finish from hours to 3 days. I will also ask for opinions regularly to make the editing process faster and easier

I will try to finish it as fast and accurate as possible. If you are not satisfied with the outcome please accurately say which parts I should change if for example, only one part needs to be changed

Info of ADD-ONS:
• I can a logo - For the logo, the reason why I'm charging more compared to others is because it will be used for the company thus it needs to be original. It will be considered the trademark of your company so it is only necessary for me to charge more. I can assure you that I will give a quality logo design.
• I can make Powerpoint presentation - This means I can make a QUALITY powerpoint presentation for you and will create my own graphics and design to make the PPT eye-catching to the audience. This will cost more since I will make designs for each slide by myself
• I can make customized shirt designs - This means that I will make 3 designs with many revisions as you want.

- Adobe Photoshop 2020
- Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
- Adobe InDesign 2020

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Customer Feedback
Ruffa is polite, easy to work with and good with details. Will definitely work with her again. :) Good job!
Very nice work. But what I like most is her initiative and willingness to do some revisions. Great job and thanks a lot!
Thanks ruffa_a for the work done for me. You delivered as instructed
fast and efficient, created artwork as explained. Thanks!
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