I can create a 3d ebook mock up or cover design

"A great cover makes a book easier to market." -Diane Saarinen

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What you'll be getting

* Deliverables: Mock-up or 2 Cover designs
* Fast turnaround time (1-2 days delivery)
* High quality (300dpi)
* Print-ready

More info

I can do a mock up of your already-made cover design for P199.
For high quality or transparent file, just add P50.

*Note: For the mock up, you should already have the design. I will just make it in 3D. It should already be in high quality to produce a high quality mock up file.

If you don't have yet a cover design, I can make one for you with FREE 3D mock up (1 style only). Why do you need it to be professionally done?
- Good design follows certain rules to capture the attention of your audience
- A good cover follows publisher's/printer's guidelines in terms of margins, bleeds and trim marks that only professional designers know.

"A great cover makes a book easier to market." -Diane Saarinen

Delivery: 1-2 days, depending on complexity of design
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Output for cover design: CMYK, pdf file 300dpi jpeg/png/pdf (depends on the need of the client)

Please provide the following:
1. Motif color you like
2. Theme/ Design Look that you want
3. Text to Put In
4. Similar photos as inspiration (I can also suggest)

For front ebook cover,
I will provide 2 designs. This includes 1 round of revision.
* Attractive, uncluttered & high quality for a good price of P670
(if with an image). For text only, P570.

*Price may vary depending on complexity of design.
Note: Message me first before placing your orders to check on my availability and pricing. Thanks.

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