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Most of the time the banks need your Financial Statements to make sure that you are financial capable of paying your debt or loan. The FS they need are your Banlance Sheet that shows your assets and liabilities; Income Statement that shows your income earned and expenses incured for 1 year. Also your bank need atleast two years of your FS. I will prepare your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Management Responsibility with auditors report.

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My job is to prepare your finacial statements that compose of Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Also I will prepare the management responsibility Statement snd if you want to increase the credibility of your FS I can also issue Auditor's report but with different price. All the data will be from you. You have to provide me all of your Assets which include but not limited to the folowing: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Prepaid Expenses, Land, Building, Machinery, Equipment, Furniture and fixture and other assets. You have to give the exact amount of your assets for particular year or period. From land to Funiture snd Fixture you have to give the date of purchase and original cost because these ate needed for computation of depreciation. Next you have to give me all if your liabilities like Accounts payable, notes payable, loans payable etc. You have to give me also your sources of income for the aggregate amount for 1 year, e.g. Income from salary 540,000. You have to give me also all of your expenses. Sometimes its hard to determine the exact amount of your expenses so atleast your estimate will do. I also need your full name and addres if you like but since it is a soft copy I can make the place blank for your name and addres but you have to fill it up before you print. Don't worry all of your informations ate secured because I adhere to confidentiality of information per our professional ethic. Besides I can make the place of your name blank in the FS and you are the one to fill it up on your home, so it means that I don't know you.

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