I can computer programmer/web developer/software engineer/database admin

I focus more on business solutions and clients highly satisfaction

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The buyers would be surely highly satisfied with the service I would be providing as a web developer. I will be providing the business solutions to their businesses and make sure that the client's objectives are met on time. I will be providing high quality works for my future clients.

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My name is James Quiel Custodio, I graduated in STI College as a Magna Cum Laude. I worked in EXCITE Program as an IT Assistant and Database Administrator for a year and a production support in Accenture on SAP PI Technology for almost 2 years and currently a computer programmer in Acaciasoft Corporation for more than 2 years now.

During my college days, I am a consistent Dean's Lister in every school semester and my school implemented my "Library Management and Security System" which was awarded as a Best Thesis. I have also managed to work as a freelance computer technician as well as a volunteered Game Master of Dagon Pristontale.

During my stay on EXCITE Program, I have created a Database Management System on VB6 and PHP5 of all the teachers to easily manage the teacher's list and their already attended trainings.

During my stay on Accenture Inc., Aside from closely monitoring too many SAP Systems/Server and developing SAP PI interfaces, I have also created a tool on excel/macro to automate the submission of reports to clients and technical teams. I have also created "How to's documents" to be able to improve business processes.

Now I am in Acaciasoft Corp., I have developed too many energy related modules using PHP5 with MVC Framework. I have also developed an improved and real-time energy application using Laravel and NodeJS. I have also created a miners via PHP/Python that collect data on other websites, Google Drives via Google APIs and OPC Servers. I have also integrated our energy application with different sub system via REST API.

I have been doing technical stuff for almost 5 years now and I am now starting to build up my career as a freelance computer programmer or web developer.

I am a very hard working and competitive person, I always give my best to complete my deliverables before deadline and I am always willing to learn new things as it is more challenging for me.

Thank you for visiting my profile and I look forward to h

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I'd really love to give business solutions to my clients specially the technical side of it...
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