I can create high converting landing page and sales page.

Designer and Creator of Website

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My name is Bernie, I'm 5yrs experience as an website creator,special skills is creating high converting landing page, sales page and online store using wordpress

Set up email follow up into your wordpress, installation of facebook pixel in your website.

What is I need to create a beautiful and high converting website?

1. Provide a hosting or cpanel account details to install wordpress and plugin software.

2. Provide a Sale Video Or Presentation of your Business And provide Products Information "Very Important".

3. Provide a Email Marketing Software account details to integrate in wordpress and I need follow up content 1 to 3 days.

4.Provide a payment gateway if health,ebook,digital products or online store.

What if you create website, all you need to do is website builder or drag and drop website builder tools to create a beautiful and high converting website. But for me I'll giving drag and drop website builder for FREE we called Thrive Architect, Thrive Theme, Thrive ultimatum and many more. The value of this tools is $500. But if you try me to create your business website, No need to buy website builder tools I'll provided it.

My special job.
-Creating and Designing Website
-I can create Landing Page and Sales Page
-I can create Lead Capture Form.
-I can integrate and Set Up Email Follow Up in wordpress.

WHY me?
*Super Past and Friendly
*Free 1 Revision
*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Delivery On Time

I can deliver output on time depending in your availability and providing that I need. Thank you :)

Best Regards,

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