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Keyword Analysis
Campaign Setup
Conversion Tracking Set up
Ad Group & Ad copy & Asset
Bidding Adjustment as per requirement
Generate qualified Leads, inquires, sales
Weekly Reporting

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Google the most powerful platform only generates the qualified leads/sales for any business as it is an intent based marketing platform. Many Owners avoid Google Ads as it costs minimum 3 times higher than social media marketing. But just think when you go to Google search either want to know something or purchase something. Google's AI analysis the search pattern of a user and understand the behavior of the user weather he really wants to purchase or not what made Google most powerful than any other platform. So Google has the most accurate data of your potential clients. Why would you miss the opportunity to get the real clients to start a lifelong business. Collecting potential leads trough Google Ads and retargeting /remarketing the visited audience in social media with a exclusive offer is the most proven strategy to generate sales. Simply run a search (PPC) ad to collect the lead and remarket them through social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).Tracking your audience is crucial so that you don't miss any single visitor once come your website through the Ads you run.

Audit you landing page
I will setup your campaign with comprehensive research of the buying keywords.
Set Conversion Tracking
Analysis the optimum budget for yielding
Sexy Ad Copy
Add the Extensions best fits
Adjust the Negative keywords through regular monitoring
A/B Testing
Optimize through Bidding strategies

The most important part is I will discuss the whole ecosystem of digital Marketing how it will help to grow your business from the beginning to the brand level. Always believe if you don't market in right place, cant do business. Try Google Ads and it will give huge.

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