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"If you have a website, it makes your small business look big." - NS

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What you'll be getting

1x highly curated free domain website includes:

* New email and password dedicated for your website (you can change your password once the job is done)
* Graphics
* Logo (optional)
* Default pages: About Us, Contact/ Contact Form

More info

Hi! Please take note that I only create free domain web designs, meaning, your website domain will look like this: yourwebsitename.webnode.com instead of yourwebsitename.com. You can always buy it on Webnode afterwards! :)

What you can put on a website, you can also put on your social media. But imagine just having a highly curated portfolio to show your audience/target market that you are a professional, and you're serious about your brand! Your brand will tell a lot about what you sell, so might as well make it presentable. This will most benefit the SMEs in the Philippines! :)

There's only a limit of pages to put on your website so make sure to categorize each very well (e.g. Home | About Us | Products | Contact | Blog

I have a fixed pricing of Php 800. I design websites because I enjoy doing it, so just think of it as a generous donation instead of a professional fee. Hihi. Thanks! :)

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