I can wordpress adept and photoshop adept

I work Efficiently unlike the rest.

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I’m a 21 year old fresh IT graduate from STI College Kalibo. Born in Aklan, I grew up in Tinigao Purok Six Kalibo. My childhood life was spent in intentional learning and enjoying what life had to offer.

I am what you'd call a To-the-point type of person so everyone I meet always seems to go to me and ask about my honest opinions about particular topics or problems and I also enjoy doing the task given to me by making them as orderly and realistic as I possibly can. At first you'll come rate as your average guy but once you get to know you'll realize that I am a multi-layered person.

My hobbies are watching anime,drawing, writing fanfiction stories, taking care of exotic territorial fish and Moba gaming.

I have a decent amount of experience in using WordPress and have undergone a rigorous amount of training in using it. But my passion is in editing photos and making them beautiful and presentable. I always keep it clean and simple when editing photos always and remembering to add the necessary edits that the client would like fixed or improved. I can also do branding, which includes logo design, business card designs and tarpaulins. If you would like to contact me, then be sure to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail, LinkedIn and even on Instagram.

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I’m a 21 year old fresh IT graduate from STI College Kalibo. Born in Aklan, I grew up in...
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