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I can do the following for Php199;

1. Publish/Edit/Format your blogs/contents/post to your website daily for a week. (no minimum number of texts; the content can be in any format)
2. Help you find free images for your website/blog site through web research.
3. Download/Upload media files (images, audios, videos) for your consumption, either from your own files or through web research.

More info

Are you an entrepreneur? Or a blogger perhaps? Then you should consider having your own website now. It will allow you to grow your business more. With the use of technology, you can have your own website in just one day. But maintaining & managing it is another story.

So, why not focus yourself to tasks that are more fulfilling and will make you feel more productive instead of consuming yourself to manage/maintain your website/blog site.

You can always hire a trusted professional who can help you to have more freedom and more control of your life more than ever. I am here to do that for you.

I can be a help in the following areas;

1. Maintain your website/blog sites by;
>> Update current theme to latest version
>> Update active plugins to latest version
>> Delete and completely remove unused themes and plugins
>> Approve & reply to pending comments
>> Empty spam comments

2. Manage your websites/blog sites by;
>> Publish your posts/blogs daily;
>> Edit/reformat published posts/blogs/pages
>> Review top-performing posts/blogs for improvements
>> Add & confirm email newsletter signup is working
>> Confirm social sharing buttons/all links are working
>> Add featured images to posts
>> Review Post drafts & delete unneeded posts
>> Empty Posts stored in Trash

3. Others
>> Optimize images for the web (reduce file sizes for images above
>> Delete unused images from the Media Library
>> Review and add alt tags to images in posts and pages
>> Audit older pages for content updates
>> Empty Pages in Trash
>> Review Pages in Draft
>> Fill unused Widget areas if possible
>> Share your blogs to your social media accounts/connect your
website to your social accounts

4. Contact Page Task
>> Confirm current contact information (Email, Social, Phone, etc.)
>> Review Contact form confirmation email
>> Review Contact form submission delivery
>> Reply to contact form submissions

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