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You will get your website with the full features that you can use to make money online like a product page, banner space to place your affiliate ads or your own ads, donation/sponsor space and many more.

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Your website can be an income-generating asset if you have the following features:

- a page dedicated for selling products.
- a space for placing affiliate links.
- a space for placing PayPerClick Advertisement (Adsense).
- a space for placing advertisements.
- a space for accepting donations from your visitors.
- a space for sponsored ads from your readers.

All of these for only P199 except building a product store.

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How I do the work?

1. We'll discuss your project to make sure I have all the necessary requirements and I have a clear understanding of what you need to be done.

2. I'll begin to design the project by creating a prototype or a sample. I'll show it to you for approval, then if everything is okay, I'll begin the coding process.

3. Once coding is complete, I'll send your project files. If you need some revisions/edits and additions, just let me know so I can get those into your final project.

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