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a Training Program Outline in PDF form

IMPORTANT: The scope of the design of the training program outline only covers what is considered as "soft skills". Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how a person works, which include but are not limited to, how one interacts with colleagues, how an employee solves problems, and how leaders manage their work.

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Based on answers to questions & exchange of information, you will receive a pdf document file (training program outline) that has the following information (see attached sample):

Before training is delivered, it has to be developed first. Before development happens, there should be a design created. Part of the design includes an important document, the Training Program Outline. Before it is made, there has to be a request for training to be rolled out. The reason for the request is that TRAINING is the recommended intervention to address a performance gap.

DELIVERABLE: The training program outline is a map to understand what training content (in outline form) is included in your future training program. This document is a part of a bigger plan in the Training & Delivery Cycle (ADDIE model). You can use this document as a reference guide in creating and developing the actual training materials to roll out the program. THE ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE TRAINING MATERIALS IS NOT INCLUDED in the work or job offered. ONLY the training program outline document, which is the result of consolidated information that you have provided.

DISCLAIMER: It is still best practice to have an internal Instructional Designer (ID) to conduct a thorough Training Needs Analysis and based on the findings, make recommendations on the best intervention to address performance gaps. The ID then proceeds to do the design and develop the training program, whether classroom-based or online, instructor-led or self-paced.

Note that the service I'm providing is extending my Instructional Designer experience to enterprises that may not have the resources (such as not having an in-house resource person, its own ID, or its own Training & Development team) to create its own training program outline.

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