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- Original essays
- Rewritten, proofread, and edited outputs
- Book reviews
- Product reviews
- Web content
- Articles for blogs
- Articles for e-books
- Tagalog to English translations or vice versa
- Transcriptions on a per word / line basis
- thesis (introduction)
- manuscripts and speeches
- essays for social and business occasions

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I have technical know-how and writing skills backed by more than ten years writing and research experience. My proven track record guarantees you will receive high-quality, well-written, and excellently done work that is edited. You will be assured of prompt delivery and well-written outputs that fits your requirements within the prescribed time. My work is based on carefully researched and reliable sources, and passes quality standards, which means plagiarism-free. Also, you are ensured of receiving proofread and edited outputs at no additional cost to you.
With my talent, qualifications and experience, you will enjoy the benefits of an excellently crafted written output at afforable rates. I will certainly help ease you of the burden of researching, writing and editing. I take pride and integrity in my work, even surpassing expectations. I can put in the midnight oil just to meet deadlines whenever necessary especially if you have a deadline to meet. Whether it be night or day, I can be relied to deliver having 24 hours internet access.

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