I can do writing jobs for either personal, school or business.

following specifications and with proper source citing if necessary.

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formal papers, feature pieces, essays, poems, Tagalog to English translations, etc. (more in the description below)

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I am a proficient English writer who takes great pride in the outputs I produce. I assure you that any job you require of me would be fulfilled to the best of my abilities.

Any work I release is subject to change per client's preferences.

FORMAL PAPERS, FEATURE PIECES and ESSAYS commissioned that requires specified formatting and any other concerns must be mentioned when contacting me.

POEMS other than the free form type should be specified upon commission of work. The specifications, which may include the number of stanzas or lines per stanza, should also be mentioned if any.

TAGALOG to ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS can either be literal and grammatically correct, have a seamless flow, or be in between. The degree of change from the original text is subject to the client's preferences. The maximum pages to be translated is 5. For additional pages to be translated, please check the add-ons.

OTHER writing jobs not included to the offered list may be taken up with me. I can also do book critiques, reaction papers and Cliff's notes, for example. The time this may be achieved depends heavily on the thickness of the book I need to read. The flexibility of the time needed to finish this job and any other concerns may be taken up with me.

I can offer content that are as grammatically correct as possible. Any lapse in judgement can be revised if need be, including sentence structuring when requested by the client.

Any article I would write would include preliminary research for it to be as factual as possible. However, if the client-provided information would only include a list to be expanded upon then please refer to the prices on the add ons below.

Kindly message me before placing a work order.

I look forward to a seamless working relationship with you!

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