I can edit & proofread short literary works and research & business proposals

high-quality editing and proofreading

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You will receive high-quality editing and proofreading service for your short literary works in progress and research or business proposals.

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A well-researched and high-quality work is needed in any writing endeavor. This service offers both editing and proofreading of both fictional (e.g. literary works such as short stories and anecdotes) and non-fictional (e.g. research and business proposals or presentations) write-ups.

All job orders shall undergo two stages: 1) the editing stage and 2) the proofreading stage.

The EDITING STAGE. This involves content checking management, such as fact-checking and reference or citation checking for research papers and business proposals. This also includes historical and further literary research for fictional works.

The PROOFREADING stage. This stage involves the technical process, which includes the final checking of grammar, syntax, and basic writing conventions (i.e. punctuation, capitalization, etc.) of both fictional and non-fictional works.

Some notes and requests for you, the buyer:
As both editor and proofreader, I humbly request from you, the buyer to provide simple, clear, and detailed instructions on how you would want to improve your work. For example, you might want specify in the given job order (e.g. research paper) which chapters you would want me to focus on (of course, I will still edit and proofread the whole work) or to revise or fact-check so I can further research about it.

Not included in the job:
I strictly do not accept jobs on full revision, manuscript regeneration or rewriting, and writing of fictional or non-fictional works for buyers.

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