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-Proofreading for literary works, presentations, resumes, and other documents in English.
-Feedback on how you could improve them (Only if asked for)
-2,000 words for literary works and only 1,500 words for other documents (Only one).

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Language can be the key to your next breakthrough; Let me be your guide.

Wrong grammar and spelling can:
-Dilute your message
Messy grammar and misspelled words are likely to slow your reader down and make them lose interest. According to online entrepreneur Charles Duncomb, "when you sell or communicate on the internet, 99% of the time it is done by the written word." With this in mind, consider how a silly mistake can water down your ability to communicate a strong sales pitch.

-Make people think twice
One of the easiest ways to discount your business’ credibility is to fall victim to spelling errors and poor grammar. Built-in spell check features aren’t always reliable, and many of us don’t have access to an in-house editor. In other words, there's no denying that first impressions matter. If your content is plagued by poor grammar, it's likely that people will think twice about the quality of your products or services.

Proper grammar and spelling can have benefits
-A study of 1700 adult online dates found that 43% of users consider bad grammar decidedly unattractive and 35% think good grammar is appealing.

-Professionals with fewer grammar errors in their profiles had achieved higher positions. The profiles of those who’d failed to achieve director-level positions within the first 10 years of their careers made 2.5 times as many grammar mistakes as their director-level colleagues.

-Fewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions. Professionals with 6-9 promotions made 45% fewer grammatical errors than those who’d been promoted 1-4 times.

So, what are you waiting for? Have your work checked now!

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