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- academic writing/school paper/research
- product or movie review/descriptions

- SEO Content/blog post
**my niche includes: dating & relationships, travel, marketing
**I can cover other niches too. Just give me time to do research.

- an engaging speech
- Technical Writing (Cover Letters, Letter of Intent, NTE etc.)
- critic/reaction paper
- essay
- scripts/sequence treatment, concept proposal

Just provide SPECIFIC instructions - it can be about the required format, directions, article tone, keywords (for SEO), and any other important details about the project.

I want us to be on the same page. So feel free to let me know about your expectations for your desired output.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Her choice of words are simple, which is really important in copywriting jobs.
5-star writer! She/He can really connect with you. Thank you again :)
Delivers work super fast without compromising quality. Will be back for more. Keep it up. Godspeed.
Another stellar work. More orders coming your way :)
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