I can make you a ebook of any topic with atleast 500 words for starters (intro)

Creative, Witty and Artsy combined with Passion and Dedication= ME

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A fun and informative ebook that you could gain profit from. For this job I would like to offer an 500 word introduction to the ebook topic that you want, if you decide to buy the whole thing, then just click on the ad-ons I have below

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My name is Sab, welcome to my ebook gig :)

I have been writing all sorts of ebooks with topics ranging from health, finance, pet, and more. I am open to writing any topic so as long as you would immediately contact me with the details. I always make sure that the ebooks delivered to you are filled with easy to read and information packed for all your prospects. People pay a lot for information, so it's best that we provide them with what they want.

I can complete the whole book for you, including the content layout, title, intro, conclusion, table of contents, author’s profile, and more.

My basic gig (which is worth 199) would be of a 500 word introduction. Ad-ons are readily available for you as well. I can finish a book of 10,000-50,000 words in 2 weeks. You may [or may not] provide the outline of the book. But since I am ghost writing for you guys, it would be best to at least give me an outline and perhaps a few specific instructions from you as well.

Hope to be working with you soon!

PS: We can negotiate on the prices :)

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I love writing informative articles. I specialize writing topics that are related to food,...
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Customer Feedback
Good job! Very informative intro. Friendly and professional service provider. Thank you :)
Worst experience ever! The job was to finished within 15 days and was given a 5 days leeway. After placing the order, I once in a while monitored the progress of the job but she seldom replied. She doesn't even asked / recommend anything about it. About 15 days after the 20 days period for the job and after constantly getting assistance from 199jobs, that was the only time she delivered it. The job was only 70% passed from Copyscape. Issue on punctuation and spelling. I will definitely not work with her again.
thanks for the great work.till next transactions
created over a year ago in writing & editing
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