I can write poems, haikus, short stories or love letters customized for you!

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Do you have an idea or a feeling you wish to express but lack the words to describe it? or simply having writer's block while writing an importance piece?

I can help you with that!

I can make any of the four things I listed above custom made for you. whether its for you personally, a project, a special someone, or to simply get an idea for something you want to write about as well.

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I will need your cooperation of course. You can tell me any detail there is to make your custom piece and I assure you my utmost respect to your privacy. All things shared between us will be kept in secret.

If you have successfully ordered from me twice and is satisfied with my work, I will offer you one free literary piece of the four listed above upon your next order

Certain topics not listed in this posting can be discussed and agreed upon my judgement. The topics listed are already varied and diverse but if you wish to add a certain element not listed here, we may discuss it further. Albeit please expect a professional atmosphere.

If needed for a revision of some sort, I can do up to 2 revisions further revisions may have added cost.

4 Haikus are made in one order.

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Hi there! I'm Emily! I can help you write any type of literary piece you wish that can be customized...
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