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I can proofread and Edit your unpublished works whether its a research paper, home-work, blog post or article.

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Hi there! I'm Emily!

I'm here to help you make your written works look and feel clear, precise, and on-point. To do so, I shall be providing services such as proof reading and editing your work. Cause nothing shows unprofessionalism such as wrong capitalization, wrong grammar and over use of certain words and fillers.

With someone to proof read your works, it will be smooth to read and feel easy on the eyes as the content itself can interest the reader further. I, myself, am an avid reader of many different written works from classic novels to the over used "Top 10" articles of our generation. Which is why I believe that I can help you make your work better.

Original Contents, of course, is provided by you and I am simply going to revamp the work itself if it deems to be too much for your workload. I am not going to put any of my original content onto the text. If I wish to do so and if I deemed it necessary to the text I shall first inform you of any additional changes.

1-3 pages only are allowed, 4 and above may have additional cost. Thank you.

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Hi there! I'm Emily! I can help you write any type of literary piece you wish that can be customized...
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