I can proofread, edit and check your work for plagiarism.

Professional Proofreading and Plagiarism Checking - up to 1000 Words

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What you'll be getting

• Highlighted words or phrases of your work that needs to be corrected.
• Corrections and my suggested phrases or sentences if necessary to make your job engaging to readers.
• The detailed report of my proofreading and plagiarism checking.
(Please see my attached sample job.)

More info

Do you have write-ups that you want to be proofread professionally? You've come to the right place! :)

I can proofread any document type:
Academic (essay, report, case study, book review, research proposal & results, dissertation, admission letter), Business (letter, memo, email, report, proposal, article/blog), Technical (end-user assistance, documentation, marketing docs), Medical (regulatory, educational), Creative (non-fiction, novel, script, short-story), Casual (personal email, blog post), and General (any).

Here are the excellent features and benefits of my gig:

1. I will diligently read every word, phrase, and sentence of your work.
2. I will proofread your work, find and correct any mistakes.
3. I will suggest better phrases if needed to make your job engaging to your readers.
4. I will highlight the words, phrases, and sentences that need to be corrected and show you my inputs.
5. I will check your work to avoid plagiarism and edit if required to make it unique.
6. I will send you the detailed report of my proofreading.
7. I offer unlimited revisions of my proofreading job until you are satisfied.
8. I will provide a refund if ever I still can't meet what you need.

Isn't it great? ;) Place your order now!

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