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"I slaughter literary errors." is one way to put it.

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It's still your document, but it's been polished and proofread! Say "Goodbye" to your dreaded grammatical and punctuation errors!

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Suportahan ang mga masigasig na kabataan ng Bayan ni Juan!

I am a working senior high school student who is frequently exposed to writing tasks. My training in a Science High School has familiarized me with academic texts and objective writing. I have a passion for creative writing, annihilating grammatical errors, organizing ideas, and using the oxford comma. I love to write drabbles and other short stories. Also, I am currently working on my first novel, but ring me up and I'll put your order on top priority!

I'm an avid reader who has been exposed to English since early childhood. I have a wide vocabulary and a good appreciation for different writing styles. I am well-versed in the rules of grammar and punctuation. I will gladly check your work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Note: I will only proofread works of 1500 words OR LESS.
Before you click "Order Now", kindly decide on a CLEAR DEADLINE with an exact date and time. If you would like a rush order, kindly click on the add-on below. It will be my pleasure to adjust my time frame just for you!

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I am a working and graduating (thank God!) senior high school student who is frequently exposed...
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