I can write 500+ words english/filipino ebooks, essays, writings, reports, etc.,

Offers unlimited revisions! :)

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No need to worry about staying up late just to finish some papers, just relax and let me do the writing!

* Minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 520 words for only Php199

* Additional 500+ words for Php199
(Minimum of 1010 words and a maximum of 1050 words for a total of Php398)

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I know that writing essays, reports, reflection papers, research, e-books, speeches, and other files take a lot of time. I am here to save the day and finish all the papers. Just let me know everything that you want me to do in your papers. :)

Don't worry about the:
> Content of the writing
> Grammar and spelling
> Sentence Construction
> Word Cohesion
> Usage of words

I am working as an "English as a Second Language" teacher for three years. I am exposed to different kinds of students ranging from beginner to advanced, and even to native English speakers.

I also used to work as a Customer Service Representative for two years. I already have the experience of providing good quality service to my clients.

I am currently a part-time writer for two years. I make essays for students. I also make some children's stories. I translate some papers from Tagalog to English and vice versa. I have also finished 200+ articles about random topics.

I love solving problems and even helping people do the job. I always focus on my customer's requests.

I am totally open to requests, questions, suggestions, and comments. Feel free to contact me anytime!

I will do my best to turn your frown into a smile. Don't be stressed out about your papers, just trust me and I will handle the job!

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Raine is an amazing writer who has overflowing passion in what she does. Her work is simply brilliant and clear! She also follows special requests and overachieved my expectations. Thanks Raine and more happy clients for you! :)
excellent job! thanks!
excellent job!
excellent job!
created 6 months ago in writing & editing
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