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Buyers will receive the finished products in either DOCX or DOC file formats. For those who would prefer the Add-On, will receive the layout in PDF file format (optional) and the raw file.

If there were any deficiencies, adjustments or changes to be made, the buyer is entitled for revisions within the span of 2 days. There will be an unlimited rate for revisions within the span of 2 days. Changes to be made after 2 days of delivering the item will no longer be entertained.

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Hi there I'm John, your main source for outsourcing!

Welcome to KnightSource, wherein I will guarantee to meet all of your writing needs. Get the most out of your 199 experience and entrust your tasks with a professional writer.

Students that want to perform well in class could not help but to falter with the immense stress that comes from their academic workload. The best approach would be to divide the work and make the tasks more manageable. If you're struggling to cope up with school works and balance it with your social life, let me give you a hand. I 100% guarantee that your paper will be A+ material. You don't have to give yourself a headache with long readings and stress yourself out with deadlines anymore.

You want to pique your customer's interest, make them feel as if the content is reaching out to them. An engaging approach is best suited for articles that want to grasp the reader's attention. I usually use a conversational approach and writing style to set a friendly mood and tone.

Whether if it's the online market, or a write-up for your company/business, you really want to make detailed descriptions and understandable information so that your reader will get the whole picture. This has a more formal approach that's why I invest a lot of time in researching the right figures and data, so you can have a top quality content to present.

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