I can write a 10,000-word articles or edit it,also essays and book reviews

Concise and well articulated articles.

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Articles and Write ups in the form of PDF Files.Articles, Essays and Reviews can also be delivered in Microsoft Word format.

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In terms of benefiting the business ,the buyer will get a well researched, and well articulated article that fits on the subject matter presented.
I need Specific, concise instructions on the job and its subject matter that includes the areas of science, philosophy, world history , math. These are write ups delivered in final form as PDF to ensure my job as a writer is delivered properly. This job is also exclusively writing. I also accept editing. Powerpoint presentations/Audio, Video editing isn't part of the job.

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Document and Administrative Work, PDF to Word conversion , Editing. Can also be tasked to do...
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Thanks for a fast TAT! Excellent work!
Sir, I am really disappointed. I hope you will not do to others of what you have done to me. If you will not fix the problem you made, I need to start all over again. I wasted money, time, and effort because of what you did. I trusted you. I gave you my trust by giving you the task and the login details thinking that you could help me but I was completely wrong. I am willing to delete this comment if you will fix the mess you made to my website. Thank you.
Highly Recommended!
You have a job well done! Good Job! Highly Recommended.
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