I can write a 400-word article with a short turnaround time of 6-7 hours

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This job is different from other writing jobs that I offer, because this is perfect for the projects which has a tight deadline or rushed.

In just six hours or less, you can receive the well-researched output that you paid for. Whether it is non-academic, blog post or article, I can guarantee you 100% that you will receive it on or before the given deadline.

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NOTE: Please make an advance message before ordering to know if I am freeloaded for the day or not, to ensure that I can write the article and submit within the corresponding deadline.

Some of us are too busy to stop and smell the flowers, what more to write a short article or essay, right? So I thought of offering my service to those who badly need help.

If you order this job, I will provide you with an error-free and well-researched piece originally written just for you. Note that if you want something to be altered in my work, I would have to ask you for another hour for the polishing.

It will be delivered to you in a MS Word document.

For those interested, please send me a message that contains the following:

1. Main topic
2. Type of piece (School essay, blog post, short article)
3. Desired word count. (If more than 500, please click the add-ons)
4. Specific instructions (File name, font and size)

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