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When short videos and still images generate more viewers, followers and clients, do we need to bother adding articles on your marketing plan?

Well, the answer is yes. Writing content for your website, blog or even on social media platforms are not going anywhere. There are still some people who prefer reading than watching (or looking at still images).

A college psychology professor of mine once said that when a person says that the book version of a novel (let’s say Harry Potter) is better than the movie version, we could only conclude that the person just has a better and limitless imagination in his head compared to what was shown in the movie which may have limited time, budget, crew and other factors. Thus, we can say that there are still things that a video or still images can’t speak out like how a well-written article does.

And of course, with the right formula of a well-written article, you can get your readers respond positively to your call-to-action.

If you order in this link, you’ll get an article bearing the following:
- At least 500 words (for longer, see the add-on below)
- at least 2 to 3 authoritative sources
- free from grammatical error
- free from plagiarism (passed copyscape, grammarly, or

So, let’s get that article written. Send me your request today.

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