I can write a 500-word article on engineering and other technical topics.

I am an engineer and is familiar with most technical terms and phrases

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What you'll be getting

Depending on the topic assigned and background information given, I can write about:
- a project feasibility study
- a technical report on a common gadget's performance
- paraphrase a general guideline into a detailed step-by- step operating instructions
- rewrite Tagalog or Visayan articles to its English equivalent

More info

I am a Cebuano and this job offer aims to serve as a communication bridge between foreign entities doing or intending to do business here and their workers.

The feasibility study will be my personal opinion on the viability of a proposed project to be done in Cebu. Although just an opinion, it will be based on my familiarity with the intended project site as well as the norms and characteristics of the people therein. No financial analysis or construction details will be included. As such, it will be used just as a guide together with other information gathered by the company for them to make a more sound decision.

The technical report will be for manufacturing firms who may want me to observe and test the performance of a product they will introduce to the market.

My observation with non-English speaking firms who includes an "English" User's Manual in their product oftentimes are too literal in their interpretation of the language that they tend to confuse the user more rather than educate them on the proper use of the product. I can rewrite this manual for them.

Being technical in nature, I may need to communicate more with the Buyer and get all the background information I need so as to make a good report. I may also decline to accept the job if I feel that I do not have enough details to do a good job.

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