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Finished write-up in either DOCX and PDF (optional) file formats. Each order will consist of one (1) plain text document and another two (2) files which is the layout, one (1) in PDF file format and the raw layout file, just in case you want to edit it on your own

In total, you are supposed to get 3 files for the price of just 199, now that's a steal.

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For General Articles
You want to pique your customer's interest, make them feel as if the content is reaching out to them. An engaging approach is best suited for articles that want to grasp the reader's attention. I usually use a conversational approach and writing style to set a friendly mood and tone.

Business Articles
Whether if it's the online market, or a write-up for your company/business, you really want to make detailed descriptions and understandable information so that your reader will get the whole picture. This is of a more formal approach that's why I invest a lot of time in researching the right figures and data, so you can have a top quality content to present.

Academic Writing
For those having to struggle with coping up with school works and life activities, let me give you a hand. Being a studious college stud like me, I will surely work hard enough that your academic content will be Grade A+ material. So stress out on the deadlines, and focus more on the important aspects of your social life!

Writing can be an art, it can also be a serious manner, whatever way it can be I now promise that you'll get your material right on time or the said deadline ^_^

(Note: I use custom orders to perfectly fit your budget or just give you a much cheaper rate. Don't be afraid to chat me first and inquire before ordering so we can arrange everything nicely! ^_^)

(Note: Usual deliveries are now affixed to 1-2 days, rush bulk orders will have an additional depending on the agreed price.)

Indicate in your request...
-The theme that you want
-Be specific with the topic
-The perspective (first person, third person, unbiased, etc.)
-The scope
-Whether it has to be formal or conversational
-Your budget

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crestine_c 📌
Great communication and great presentation. Details need a bit of polishing but I'm sure it can be improved given longer time. Recommended and will use his service again.  
Creative and can put together ideas together, great design and style.First submission of output is good but still needs polishing and revision which is he happy to do so. Thanks Ian! Until next project.:-)
empty promises on tasks agreed upon. cancelled project after waiting for months.
empty promises on tasks agreed upon. cancelled project after waiting for months.
empty promises on tasks agreed upon. cancelled project after waiting for months.
created over a year ago in writing & editing
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