I can write a research, reflection paper, essay writing, outline, transcribing.

I could offer a profound analysis for better understanding.

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I can guarantee you 100% profound and good quality type of research works and analysis related to the topic I am familiar with. I assure you that the assigned task to me will be given ample time effort and focus for the accomplishment of the job. And, of course, the same shall be done or delivered on the exact day or time depending on the agreement i have with the buyers.

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I have been teaching Philosophy in more than 5years in different schools and universities like Saint Louis University, Isabela State University, and Philippine Military Academy. I am interested in topics anything related to metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, discourse analysis, critical theory, hermeneutics, existentialism, aesthetics, religion, spirituality, logic and ethics.

If the buyer has inadequate time to accomplish researches, articles, reflection papers, the buyer can always count on me to accomplish the same on time. The buyer will surely be benefited because the papers is ipso facto thoroughly analyzed, studied and carefully examined providing all the valid references in crafting the said papers.

I only need sufficient or well compensated payment for the job I am task to accomplish. Anything not described here shall not be included as part of my job.

Thank you very much and looking forward to meet clients as soon as possible.

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angel15 📌
Of the many jobs I ordered from him, he never disappointed me. Transaction-wise, he was very considerate of the client's capacity to pay without sacrificing the quality of his work. He keeps the client updated, making the job more personal and all about the realization of the client's vision of the outcome. The article he wrote were on point, well-researched and backed up with great references, properly documented and proofread. I never needed to reedit or rearrange his work, they were perfect as they were. I just ordered another job from him. And I know I will ask for his services again in the future. Thanks Nikky!  
he did not do the work requested, no experience yet in the output.
High-quality articles in a fast pace. Million thumbs up!
Submitted articles in a fast pace! Great job!
He's a pro and delivered the job earlier than expected. I've stumbled the right guy for my project.
created over a year ago in writing & editing
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