I can write a word article, essays ,and can do simple research on any topic for P199

I write everything that I see and feel , quality is from within.

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I can write anything and deliver it on time , but one does not simply get things for free. In fact the buyers will take advantage because they can get a good product for a cheap price. The buyer should be fair by paying for the right price of the work .Most of the money that I'll get will be used to fund my research about Separation anxiety and conduct disorder of children with incarcerated parents from different poster cares in Metro , Manila , it is really a tough research and needs a lot of funds to work so i decided to browse in the net to find a writing job that can help me by paying me a money to fund my research because I really wanted to finish it , and also to donate some basic necessities needed by the children from these different Poster cares and to give enjoyment by facilitating activities and programs . So the more writing job for me the more I can get to fund my research , Thank you in advance for that .I can also make designs but writing is truly my forte . I can also do a motivational and inspiring articles , tips in how to do it , I can do it because I love making writings to motivate people.
My goal is to write something worth reading or do something worth writing also to touch other people by means of pen and paper , to help them in their works , to share positivity .

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