I can write or edit anything for you (articles, blogs, essays, ebooks etc.)

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What you'll be getting

You will get a PLAGIARISM-FREE, GRAMMAR-CHECKED, WELL-RESEARCHED, ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC output. No need to waste more money on further proofreading or editing as I will make sure to edit and proofread my output as part of the job.
I will send you a draft of my work before sending the final output prior to payment. The file will be sent in whatever format you require (doc, pdf, ebook, epub, etc.) to your inbox on this site.

More info

I can Write/Edit any of the following for you in either English or Tagalog:
< Articles
< Listicles
< Essays
< Blogs
< Ebooks
< Creative literature (Short stories, poems, etc.)
< Academic writing
< Formal documents (Thesis, Dissertation, Formal letters etc.)

Pricing per word count basis:
STANDARD RATE = 0.8 Pesos per 250 words

- Starting at P199 Pesos only for a 250 words or less per piece
- Spend only P4000 for an Ebook package up to 5000 total word count (cover page not counted) by clicking the "Ebook package" add-on.
- Special projects: we can negotiate the price after discussing the details of the project, the link for your custom order will be sent afterwards.

Delivery time:
- Regular turnaround time is usually within 3 to 5 days. ( might be earlier depending on the type of project)
- I can deliver the output within 24 hours with an additional charge of P150. (Just click the "extra-fast delivery" add-on to get a VIP priority on your project.)

Note to buyers:
- You have to order first before I will start on the project.
- Revisions and corrections are totally FREE until you get your desired outcome.

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Gwyne Dagoro is a professional freelance writer, leveraging on video editing and graphic designing....
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Customer Feedback
She delivered on time however the work is not 100% correct. One of the request was to remove page numbers from 109 onwards yet instead of removing relationship of pages and page numbers she just masked each page number with a white square which caused me headache because when i opened it in Mac, kung saan saan napunta ang boxes and I had to manually remove them one by one for 40 pages!!!! Finally I had to do the task myself.
As always, excellent work. Gwyne is wonderful to work with!
Very good, and submitted on time.
Great Work
created over a year ago in writing & editing
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