I can write an article with a min. of 500 words. 3k words or more is for ebooks.

I'll take that load off your back while you enjoy your ME time.

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What you'll be getting

You will get your ebook in pdf and Word format, originally written, grammar will be accurate, writing mechanics will be followed and resources in APA format will be included.

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Benefits to you:
~ Stress and worry-free time
~ More ME time for the things that really matter to you
~ A product that you'd like to share with your audience

What's needed:
~ estimate number of words or pages
~ outline of topics and sub-topics if applicable (optional)
~ your audience (students, young professionals, middle-aged professionals etc.)
~ overall tone (witty, light, serious, professional etc.)

5-page articles, and research papers can be completed in a day or two at the most or even earlier. Comprehensive eBooks may take 5 -14 days.

Complex-comprehensive eBooks take more time. But as my customers have vouched, they’re always error free, very detailed, and original. I can include other details upon request.

We can always agree on a deadline.

Please message me regarding the details as soon as possible! Thanks.

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I can help you with writing work that takes time and effort away from your priorities in life....
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Customer Feedback
jenmar_g 📌
excellent in giving her outstanding output in my projects higly recommend her for more projects !  
Marie is so easy to work with, happy and satisfied on the output. Cheers!
Marie did a wonderful job for me. She really amazed me to be honest. I am very grateful for her work and will for sure use her again very soon!! This is my first ebook and she sure helped my alot Many Blessings to her
Marie worked with me and provided guidance throughout producing my first ebook, will definitely work with her again on upcoming project. Great person to collab with.
Job well done!
created over a year ago in writing & editing
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