I can write academic, creative, and technical on a topic of your choice

Negotiate with me and I'll deliver to the best of my abilities.

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What you'll be getting

Expect well-researched, and original Articles with around 600 words or less for your needs.

I am very eager to learn the ropes and satisfying my customers is my utmost priority. I'm very eager to learn the ropes and work with my clients as I am still new in this line of work. I will however, to the best of my abilities, will make sure that my clients will get a just and satisfying output, according to what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

More info

I will attempt to create a good quality output with well-researched, non-plagiarized content which will fit the topic and requirements you specify. You can also send me a basic idea of what you want and I can gladly talk with you on what direction and how you would want your output to be like.

What other jobs can you do?

I can try to handle difficult projects, like anything Academic and/or Technical (i.e. School assignments, Research papers, Review of Related Literature). This however, can be negotiable, as my purpose is to try help other people with their needs as well as trying to earn some cash for my own needs as well.

Services that I can offer:

- Creative Writing
- Ebooks
- Editing/Proofreading
- English to Tagalog translations (or vice versa)
- Essay Writing
- Academic/Scientific/Technical/Creative writing
- Copywriting

Kindly specify the topic and your requirements when posting your order so that I can customize and hopefully deliver an output that will best suit your needs. Some requirements you can state are:

Font style, Font size, Topic, Purpose, Format, Writing style, etc.

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