I can write articles, essay, research and imrad--(per parts); on any topic.

exposed in creativity; work is assured efficient

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What you'll be getting

articles, essay, IMRAD, etc. all written with constant criticism to ensure the best quality of work to the buyer. written outputs are assured lacking in grammatical errors, spelling, and such that will hindrance the expression of the main point of the task either through the focus of the writing or the main focus on the topic itself.

More info

I am currently a graduating SHS student, thus in the environment of guidance from people with said experiences,
looking forward to offering my knowledge to the buyers to gain my own experience in the world of writing. My capacity of work is around average-above average content of research with excellent quality of writing. Expect a evaluative, interpretative, orderly and a very creative work. I can also edit whatever draft in writing you made to ensure the lack of grammatical errors and wrong spellings.

Work with writers and wordsmiths. Can create articles, blogs, newsletters, emails, website content, and much more.

1 day: poems, lyrics, essay (1 page/full content: intro,body,concl)

2 days: articles (may depend on how deep the topic if the buyer wants a high quality work, if not, then 1 day)
: IMRAD (student quality) related literature/related studies.

all works are payed per page.

additional pages and contents may add additional charges.

thank you!

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