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You will get a 500-word minimum article of your desired topic, up to a maximum of 2000 words. It may contain pictures if you desire. I suggest a 500-word article to keep content simple yet informative, one that readers will prefer.

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Articles are objective written works. They differ from blog posts, wherein blog posts are subjective meaning content comes from the opinion of the writer. If you want to improve your business, then articles are for you.
Articles can support your business by showing to your customers information backed up by evidence. Those people selling papaya and kojic soaps? Their business improved because of articles about the skin-whitening contents of those soaps. People are comfortable when they know the products they buy are proven safe and effective.
Articles can encourage your customers to know more about your business. With new discoveries made everyday, people are bound to look for information concerning your business; thus, it can increase the number of visits and inquiries your business will get.
What about if I don't have a business? What if I just want to have content for my blog? Well. Articles are okay. They provide a mix of objectivity in your blog, making it a bit more credible than without one. References provide readers a way to verify the content's credibility. They give readers alternative choices to read your content.

So with all that is said, why not buy my service? Get a 500 to 2000-word article depending on your preference. I suggest a 500-word article for a light but informative content for your potential readers. Got any inquiries? Don't hesitate to chat me.

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