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How-to's, short stories, poems, self-help, realizations, reflections

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You will get your desired topic/content which is turned into a book. If you have already written an outline, well, that's a big step. Now, trust your outline to me, and then let's take a bigger leap together! If you do not have an outline, I can provide one for you. Just click the add-on of this job order.

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Hire me and give your dream book a shot!

Don't let your outline just stay on your paper, mind, or computer. It can be materialized! It can become a real book!

Unfortunately, the setback of my service is: I cannot deliver it as an eBook file. I will just type it in Microsoft Word; thus, the file that I will send to you is just in (.docx). Also, I cannot rush the process of writing because I need to make sure that the quality and content of the book are not compromised.

What are you waiting for? Click "ORDER NOW" and the add-one (if needed). Let's start taking a bigger leap turn your ideas or situations into a book. :)

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