I can write e-books, essays, research papers etc. based on customer's needs.

Well written outputs that will suit your writing needs

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Get your e-book done within one to two weeks. The content will be sent in a pdf as ebook and a word document.

Buyers will get relevant, well-researched, organized, and excellent quality written output on any topic

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*Please note of the price change for the packages*

Pricing scheme:
Php199 per 300 words for e-book/essay of 1000 - 2000 words
Php180 per 300 words for e-book/essay of 2001 - 4000 words
- check add-ons for this pricing -

Writing an e-book related to your business/industry will help people get to know it more and how they will benefit from it. The more your business becomes popular, the more you attract clients who will soon learn to trust you and your company.

Outsource this project so you can focus on your career more.

Please do understand that articles take time and effort to accomplish, and to justify the expertise and knowledge we put into writing them, please bear with us as we complete your article.

I will base the content on your preferences and own story and information given - from the form I will provide to know more of your content.

Just send me a message so we can discuss the specifics before ordering. This ensures that we are clear about the price and the deadline of your project. Thank you very much.

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good job po maraming salamat  
Thank you for your viable assistance with this job. This is a rush work and you delivered. Key points that I love about you: team player you ask questions responds immediately (reasonable time of the day) find ways to help better Thank you again and hope to be working with you again.
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