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Hey there! I am a student under the program Creative Writing in the University of the Philippines. In my four years, i have taken several courses on English, Literature, and Writing that have surely honed my skills in communication and composition.

I work best with literary compositions such as short stories and ebooks, but i also do well in essays, reviews, and blog articles.

Here are my services:
- For writing jobs, i can do a 500 word essay, article, blog post,or review.
- I can also write short stories up to 5,000 words
- I can write e-books with each chapter containing 500 words
- Edit and proofread a work. I will address your concerns about grammar, structure and content.

Please do specify the purpose of the work (e.g, for academic requirement, for web content), the topic, the target audience, and sources you wish I would include.

You are in good hands! I can assure you that you that i will give my best efforts to give you exactly what you require. I am very focused, organized, and reliable in projects that i am involved. All of my works will surely be reviewed, polished, and well-researched. Depending on the difficulty of the topic, i may be able to deliver earlier.

Send me a message! I am looking forward to working with you!

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Thanks for another impeccable output, Ira! I really like working with you. Fast turnaround time with little to no errors on the output. Will definitely provide more projects for you. :)
Thanks for your output, Ira! Will definitely use your services again. Well-written output. :)
Efficient worker. Will consider again in the future! Thank you =)
created 2 months ago in writing & editing
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