I can write essays and reports in subjects related to science, food, and math.

I can teach some of the contents described in the essays and reports.

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What you'll be getting

an essay or a report relating to their preferred subject that related to my masteries mentioned above, if they desire an explanation or a summary of the content of the essay/report.

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They have the capability to always chat me from 9pm up until 11pm, but would also try to reply as soon as possible to the questions that they may have, I have a lot of inconsistent free time throughout the day, allowing me to make though progress with the job that I am given.

I need a thorough description of the job that I will be getting, it would also be recommended to know in which setting will the essay or report will be applied or presented.
The job that I will be doing would only be between the two of us, no other person would know about the job that I'm doing.

I also pledge that my work is original and is not copied somewhere, I also do not reuse my work, the work that I did with you is unique and can't be found elsewhere.

I also have the capability to simply edit, or give guides on how should a essay/ report should be tackled.

I'm confident in my skills in science, mainly biology, general science, earth science, geology, and physics.

I'm confident in my skills in general math, basic math,and algebra.

I'm confident in my knowledge in regards to cooking, regarding cooking techniques, ingredients selection, proper preparation, step by step processes, health and safety, and some basic skills in cooking.

I'm fairly knowledgeable in chemistry, trigonometry.
I'm not fairly knowledgeable in advance calculus.

Currently still studying as a third year computer engineer.

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