I can write feature articles and other long-form style of writing.

Flexible writing style from traditional to conversational blog style

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What you'll be getting

I write with passion and from creative standpoint. I will give you a soft copy after I work on your job request, in MS word, double-spaced format. I do edit my articles prior to sending. I can also do online research other than the ones that are client provided only if its needed in the article.

Maximum of 300- 500 wordcount for 1 page only (double-spaced).

More info

If you're in need of a writer who has worked for traditional media, someone who can do long-form style of writing but can also be flexible; or maybe write in conversational tone or blog form, you've come to the right writer. I can do both. However, your expectations from the output should be clear. Thus kindly give your references or materials, peg, creative input, wordcount, etc... just to ensure I meet your requirement and we're both on the same creative space.

Please do tell where to send output (soft copy). I don't give print outs of articles.

The services I can do for you are as follows:

1) Write press releases for print.
2) Write feature stories for print use or online publication.
3) Create an advertorial, or copy for your for brochures, flyers, leaflets and other communication materials.
4) Write a blog post, either organic content or sponsored content.
5) Write personal essays, etc
6) Create a tagline for your business. I can give you several studies maximum is 10.
7) Write your business letters or proposals.

Hope to get a writing request from you. Have a nice day!

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Hi there! Do you have a need for a writer who can do long form writing style and be flexible...
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