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For only 199 pesos, you will have a well researched and expertly written 500 word article that is:

• Well-researched with no fluff
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I have been a teacher and private tutor for more than twelve years. This means that I know very well how to communicate information that makes it fun, interesting and understandable to the learner.

People have said that my greatest strength is breaking down complex subjects simply and effectively. As a result, my students have consistently achieved their learning goals. This is because my passion as a teacher is to ensure people learn and get something out of my teaching.

Now, as a content and article writer for your website or blog, I will do exactly the same thing.

Whether if it's simply to inform, sell or influence the reader to take action, rest assured I know exactly how and what to say to get your message across.

What I need from you:
○ The topic you want me to write and research about.
○ Key points that you want to be communicated in your essay or article.
○ Targeted keywords, if any.

Key Skills:
• High-quality research
• Copywriting
• Excellent communication skills

Related hobbies and interests:
• I read. A LOT. I am insanely curious and fascinated about everything.
• I love learning about psychology and science---Jedi mind tricks that lead to world domination. (Illuminati confirmed).
• I am currently writing my own book. The subject? How to live in a world when you're too good-looking. I'm kidding...well, the living part, I mean. What I really meant was "how to survive."

Update 02/18/2019: I am now a CELTA certified English language teacher as well! CELTA is the most prestigious TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) course that is given and regulated by Cambridge University in the UK. It's a very rigorous and intense course that only a few number of people pass.

I believe this certification has improved my English and teaching skills to the next level and this would surely lead to better quality articles for your website or blog.

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Probably the most awesome writer I've worked with lately! Delivers timely, quality work and is very open to instruction. You won't make a mistake picking Carlo for your writing project!
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