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Client will get grammatically-attuned, well-researched, concise, and clearly written article or essay of any topic of interest

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Helping micro- and macro-businesses build a strong website impression and presence through my writing is one of the services I am offering. Clients working in the field of blogs, business, journals, and research would be my interest.

Client can choose any of the following forms:
- articles, essays poems
- blogs
- business letters or emails
- narrative
- short-stories (fictional or non-fiction)
- speeches
- research proposals (quantitative or qualitative)
- other forms of writing.

After choosing which form, the client must be able to tell me the following:
- topic of interest (please be specific)
- length of the content (includes word count or the number of pages)
- flow of the article/story
- writing style
- additional resources for referencing.

Please do indicate the deadline of the project so that I could finish the service on an earlier date. Also, I am very willing to accept any of your suggestion and cooperation, especially the specific details to be added.

I could also do research, powerpoint presentations, and encoding for you!

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